Moto Gadget - Motoscope Tiny

£235.00 GBP

The motoscope tiny is a very compact, analogue 49 mm speedometer. Speed is digitally measured and precisely displayed via stepping motor and indicator. 

The installation diameter of 49 mm and the installation depth of only 24 mm provide various installation options.

Sophisticated technology provides for a classic look without compromise. The dial completely does without display sections or LCD and has a convincing classical look. The ideal solution for purists and minimalists.

The motoscope tiny is easy to install with the two M3 threaded holes on the back side. There are various motogadget brackets available for installation. Email us if you have any questions?

The high quality aluminium casing is turned from solid metal and its surface is anodized black. The bezel is also available in 'anodized black' or 'mirror polished'. The casing is 100% water-tight and resistant to vibrations.

Dial & Display

The analogue dial in contrasting black and white is indirectly illuminated by white LEDs. The innovative LED display is hidden behind the black part of the dial and only visible through the dial while operating, not when switched off. The LED luminosity is automatically adjusted to achieve optimal readability in dark, sunlight and dawn conditions.

If the speed exceeds the 200 km/h on the analogue scale, it is automatically displayed in the LED display. The maximum speed is recorded as well. The 4 indicator lights (blue, red and 2 x green) are also integrated into the dial. These lights are only visible when operated, too.


You can toggle between the different informations on the LED display by operating the supplied menu push-button or e.g. the headlight flasher push-button on the handle bar.

Default value on the display is the time. If needed, a short actuation of the push-button will display the values of total distance, day trip, on-board voltage etc.

All functions are easy to operate with the push-button, e.g. day trip, reset or the like. Default settings or recorded values are of course stored even with the power supply switched off.

Connection & Sensors

The detailed installation and operating instructions (refer to 'Downloads') help with the connection of instrument even for users without any previous experience in handling the vehicle's electrical system.

The supplied speedometer sensor in stainless steel is very small (M5/23 mm) and therefore easy to hide. The sensor can be easily installed on front or rear wheel with the connector cable (1.5 m long). This allows for the easy conversion of an originally mechanical speedometer drive on a motorbike.

The motoscope tiny is compatible with various original speedometer sensors (dry reed contact and proximity sensors) of the motorbike manufacturers. In this case, the terminals have to be connected only and the mechanical sensor installation will be completely obsolete.

If you happen to have a Triumph Scrambler, Thruxton or Bonneville T100/SE with an electronic speedo then you will need to purchase an 'm.tri' signal adaptor or the CAN bus. We sell these as a separate item but if you but it together with a Moto Gadget Motoscope speedo at the same time, then we can offer you a 50% discount (on the m.tri adaptor only). See here for further details

An intelligent 'Teach Function' allows for the easy calibration of the speedometer - even on vehicles with transmission sensors, e.g. Harley Davidson.

What's in the box?

  • Instrument with approx. 75 cm connector cable
  • Mini push-button
  • 2 removable fuses
  • 9 cable end connectors
  • Speedometer sensor (M5 x 0,5 fine-pitch thread, stainless steel, IP 68) with 150 cm connector cable
  • 2 powerful neodymium mini magnets
  • 2 mounting screws M3 with washer
  • 2 diodes for pairing of turn signals
  • Detailed installation and operating instructions

What will you need extra?

Well that depends on the type of bike you have and where you want to fit the speedo? Drop us an email for further advise but as an example, we have fitted one of these superb instruments to our 2009 Triumph Bonneville SE (with an original cable drive speedo) and we needed:

1 x Speedo Mounting Bracket - Specifically designed for the Bonneville and available ex-stock

1 x Sensor Bracket - We made this out of plastic and attached it near the front brake disk housing.

1 x wiring diagram for your bike - So you know which wire is which BEFORE you start making any connections or alterations.

We soldered all our wire joints rather than simply twist together and hope for the best!