Mini Speedo (LED) 2:1 MPH

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This Mini Speedometer has LED indicators 4 Indicator LED Mini Speedometer with Trip Meter.

  • Blue : High beam
  • Green : Neutral
  • Red : Oil lamp
  • Yellow : Turn signal

Back light is White LED. 

Speedo Technical bits

  • 140MPH Scale
  • Dial Facia Colour is White
  • Speedo casing material: Stainless
  • Speedo body diameter: 60.5mm
  • Speedo bezel diameter: 67.0mm
  • Complete with V-shaped mounting bracket
  • Wiring diagram included
  • This product may require a diode for the turn signal indicator light


* Not completely waterproof.
* For universal use. 
* Will not work on vehicles without batteries.