Mini Bates Tail Light - Black/Black

£39.99 GBP

The very popular Bates style LED tail light –  used on many custom Triumph Twins. Perfect compliment to a bobbed rear mudguard. This article looked at the Chinese version compared to the Motone product.

Full LED circuit board. Running Light and Brake Light.
Motone interpretation of the classic mini Bates tail light.
Looks great on many styles of bikes from chops to hot rods to modern street bikes.

Fully E-Marked for Homologation.

Motone version comes with stainless fixings instead of chrome, the stamped mini bucket that the light sits in is held to the bracket by bolts instead of rivets so wont shake loose and become useless like the Chinese versions. 

Finally on our light the lean angle of the bucket can be set with a nut and bolt and tightened in position.

Wired as follows : 
Yellow = RUNNING light
Red = STOP light
Black = Earth