Vickers Motorcycle Company

December 08, 2017

Vickers Motorcycle Company

Why 'Vickers'? Because Vickers was a bastion and iconic name from the golden era of British Engineering.

Vickers has an incredible legacy. They started in Sheffield as a steel foundry in 1828. The foundry contributed heavily to the development of the rail industry followed by shipping and then through acquisition into other engineering disciplines such as aviation and armoury.

By Vickers Ltd - Jane's Fighting Ships, 1914 

In 1928 the Aviation Department became Vickers (Aviation) Ltd and soon after acquired Supermarine, which then became the "Supermarine Aviation Works (Vickers) Ltd". In 1938, both companies were re-organised as Vickers-Armstrongs (Aircraft) Ltd.

Apart from when Vickers PLC bought out Cosworth, the closest they came to motorsport was at the Vickers Aircraft Factory at Brooklands.

I am sure the engineering workers in those days fettled their bikes using skills (and probably tools & materials) learned from their employment!

Sadly, as with most successful British engineering companies, Vickers was broken up, sold off / brought out and no longer exists apart from the history museum. So we are on a mission to breathe life into the Vickers again and try to do justice to its name. Who knows, we might even produce a motorcycle one of these days! Look out Brough Superior!