Brilliant battery saving device for EFI Triumph's

February 02, 2018

Brilliant battery saving device for EFI Triumph's

This is a simple but clever device which, if you own an EFI Triumph, is a 'must have'!

Did you know the ECU (bike computer) won't allow the bike to start if the battery volts are too low? So even if you battery has enough power to turn the engine over, the computer will say "NO'! Well, there is a solution.....

This simple 'plug in & play' module allows you to start your bike without the headlight being on which means you no longer have to suffer the battery drain before you have the engine started.

Fitting this module can make the difference between riding home or having to call a recovery vehicle. 

The module is super simple to fit, it plugs in between the loom and the headlight using the standard H4 connectors. Takes about 5 minutes to plug it in.

When you actually do want to turn on the headlight all you need do is flip the full beams on and off.  The headlight will then remain on until you stop the bike and turn the ignition off.

Note that the small parking light is not effected in anyway by this module and remains functional as per normal.

The module is only £26.99 +pp and available here

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