Bultaco Project Update 1

January 24, 2018

Vickers MCC Bultaco Project

We are starting to create a list of essential parts that need replacing. First off are the handlebars. Currently the bike has some nasty aftermarket black painted bars with dollops of insulating tape! Not sure why..? but they are going in the bin!

On the upside, the throttle control is by Domino which is fine.The front brake & clutch levers are original so we will keep those for now but the grips are dated so they are in the bin as well.

The choice of replacement bars needs to be functional so we can still use the bike for the purpose it was designed for. We decided on Tracker Bars with a cross brace for added strength. Now the choice was Aluminium or Steel?

Whereas aluminium is a whole lot lighter, old school experience dictates steel bars are better. Therefore we will go with the most excellent quality Biltwell 7/8" tracker bars together with a nice new pair if Biltwell 7/8" Thruster Grips.

Yet to be sorted out and replaced: 

Mudguards, Seat, Lights, Fuel Tank, Side Panels, Accessories